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Today's agriculture is all about sustainability--building and maintaining long term soil productivity. Proper use of aglime is one of the most important management decisions in successful crop production. At The Kraemer Company we produce a variety of different grades of aglime to help you achieve the optimal soil conditions best suited to your crop. Consider some of the benefits of a sound liming program:

  • Improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.
  • Influences the availability of plant nutrients.
  • Reduces toxicities.
  • Improves the effectiveness of certain herbicides.
  • Supplies calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and other minerals.

Lime quality is judged by how effectively it raises the soil pH to a desirable level within three years. Two properties of lime govern its quality: purity (percent calcium carbonate - CaCO3 equivalent) and fineness (particle size). Typically, the higher the calcium carbonate equivalence, the more effective the product is at neutralizing pH. The finer the lime, the faster it will react in the soil to neutralize the pH. These two factors are used to calculate the neutralizing index, a measurement of the relative value of the liming material.

The Kraemer Company produces and sells aglime with neutralizing indexes from 40-49 to 80-89. To determine what your liming needs are, you must first have your soil tested to determine its pH. Because most soil test reports give results based on liming materials with neutralizing indexes of 60-69 and 80-89, we have included a table below so you can determine the application rate necessary based on the quality of lime you choose to reach your desired pH.

Lime Recommendation
--- tons/acre of lime to apply ---
Zones of Lime Quality

The best management decision a farmer can make is to apply appropriate amounts of quality aglime when soil acidity limits crop yields and potential profits. Conversely, the biggest mistake would be to omit aglime as a crop input because "it's too expensive" or "crop prices are too low". While it is true that proper fertilizer use is basic to economic crop production, it is also true that aglime helps fertilizer to work more efficiently.

Use aglime where it is needed. For higher crop yields. For more profit per acre. For a safer, cleaner environment.

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