Asphalt Recycling

Asphalt roads represent a substantial community investment. When roadways begin to show signs of aging, such as cracking and rutting, consider asphalt pavement recycling to renew and stabilize deteriorating roadways and extend the value of your original investment. Simply reapplying an asphalt overlay to problem roadways may result in recurrence of the same problems you wish to resolve. Asphalt pavement recycling provides the cost and environmental benefits of reusing the existing roadway material while at the same time achieving a higher quality, lower maintenance, longer lasting roadway.

The Kraemer Company uses versatile, high-production machines and specialized technology to reconfigure your roadway on the spot. "Milling" allows the removal and recycling of a specified depth of roadway. When coupled with "crushing", the tandem processes provide an output of uniform product size. "Reclaiming" is the process of pulverizing the full thickness of existing pavement, producing a variable grade material. This material then becomes a superior subgrade for a new asphalt or seal-coat surface. Both processes correct structural problems, improve support, and increase strength. In addition, our experienced engineers and technicians can enhance these improvements by blending virgin materials with the base course or subbase. Both processes have the advantage of leaving the settled ground undisturbed. The roadway is recycled without exposing the ground underneath to the weather or rain. In addition, the road remains open, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of rerouting the traveling public.

The Kraemer Company will tailor the process of asphalt pavement recycling to your unique situation and specifications. Our knowledgeable team will inspect and analyze your proposed sites, listen to your project goals, and recommend the best asphalt pavement recycling method for you. With benefits such as minimizing additional expense, preserving natural resources, and gaining a superior roadway--why wait?

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