Concrete Recycling & Construction

The Kraemer Company was one of the first Wisconsin road building companies to recycle concrete. In the past, concrete from highways deteriorated beyond repair was hauled away to landfills. Now we crush and reuse the concrete--a substantial benefit to the environment and a significant economic benefit to the owner.

The Kraemer Company completes a broad spectrum of road construction projects located in diverse geographical areas each year. Whether constructing a DOT interstate highway in Dane County, a county road near Rice Lake, or a parking lot in Eau Claire, The Kraemer Company applies the same wealth of experience and expertise to consistently produce a high-quality product.

Crews and equipment are specially selected to match your particular needs. Projects are continually monitored to maximize time efficiency, cost effectiveness, and roadway quality. As unexpected events arise, our broad-based experience offers innovative solutions. The size and diversity of our enterprise provide the capability and flexibility to quickly dispatch the type of equipment best suited to resolve difficulties unique to the site. The Kraemer Company's commitment to maintenance excellence ensures the reliability of our machines, saving both project time and costs. Always upgrading, our machines employ the latest technology. Automated controls and on-board computers enhance accuracy and efficiency, thereby maximizing output.

You, too, can reap the benefits of experience, flexibility, reliability, and quality by selecting The Kraemer Company to build your next road.

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